Monday, 15 February 2010

Quack, quack....


Recently a client of mine who had the fortunate guidance to go to South America emailed me:

"Jo, i keep seeing duck, what does it mean?"

As always, i looked duck up in the wonderful book "Animal Spirit Guides" by Steven Farmer

"This is a time of fertility, either literally or metaphorically.
It is time to have fun and maybe even get a little silly.
The time of turmoil has passed, so now you can release any pent up emotions that have been suppressed.
Do whatever is necessary to find emotional comfort rather than trying to deny your need for this."

As i read this, i also wondered, is this why my friend is obsessed with ducks?
She never had children and is now too old. Was this the body's sign that it wanted to produce?

Yours Curiously.
Jo xxx

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Its the first day of the Chinese New Year, and the New Moon, and Valentines day, the day of LOVE!

We are moving into the year of the Tiger. According to the Chinese, the year of the Tiger represent bravery.

So, ask yourself where in your life could you be brave?

How would being braver in 2010 make a dramatic positive change in your life?
The life of others?
Your community?
And humanity?

With thanks to for this months astrology information:

Well another powerful mid-month New Moon event is on the horizon – the energy building even as you read this message. This is the Valentine's Day Eve New Moon taking place on Sunday morning at 2:51 am (London).

What makes this New Moon so special is that just as it takes place, Chiron joins Neptune in the sky for an exact kiss, only one tenth of a degree separating them, and less than a degree away from the New Moon itself at 25 + of Aquarius.

The Sabian Symbols for these important conjunctions, "A hydrometer" and "An ancient pottery bowl filled with violets," speak to the eternal flowering of cosmic consciousness in the heart and in the mind of humankind.

Neptune with Chiron speaks to the numinous healing capacity we all have hidden away deep inside us, which expands to become infinitely potent when we face our inner world with courage no matter what we might there discover, and also to the hesitation which holds us back from taking full advantage of our spiritual wisdom that is only a gesture away.

We do have to make the gesture however. So this is a very exceptional Valentine's Day weekend, made even more special by the conjunction of Venus with Jupiter in soft-spoken Pisces, just as Venus also makes an inconjunct aspect to a nearly stationary Mars, still retrograde right now, or more inward-directed.

Happy Days!

Love Jo xxx

Friday, 15 January 2010

Eek... or should that be squeak?


Nature seems to have a way of guiding us humans.
However, how often are we listening?

Recently i had a mouse in my loft and then in the car!
I thought, can this be a coincidence?

I looked up mouse in "Animal Spirit Guides" by Steven Farmer". What an apt surname for such a book!
Its great the universe has such a sense of humour at times!

Mouse, suggested i needed to play close attention to detail.
This was so accurate as i was completing my tax returns.

As a star profile detail is not my natural energy. Needs must though!
Or should i get a book-keeper?
The next day my book-keeper arrived and detail resolved!

Thanks Kay!


Thursday, 16 July 2009

Kerry Katona using Time Line Therapy!

I was in the supermarket yesterday when i spotted:

"Kerry has bizarre time travel treatment to stop her bingeing!"

Closer Magazine 18-24 July'09

Singer, Kerry is using Time Line Therapy to clear her troubled past and her yoyo weight.

Time Line Therapy i use with virtually every client with amazing success. Whether it be to clear negative emotions from the past or limiting beliefs that are holding them back.

It can also be used for creating goals that actually happen and clear phobias.

If you wish to be trained in Time Line Therapy or have a 121 session to experience it then go here now: Time Line Therapy Info

For those that also wish to clear past life, genealogical patterns and Karma issues then Time Line Therapy is brilliant.

Go on, give it a go now! 0845 260 2567

Jo xx

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Fast Change...Yes, Please!

I spoke to a lady this morning who had 40 years of being told she was stupid.
She had chosen to believe this story.
So is it possible to change this belief and how quickly?

Well, it doesn't matter how long you have been playing out a pattern of behaviour as the unconscious mind doesn't differentiate with how long it has had a specific instruction. All it knows is the instruction given to it and to carry it out.
Huh, so if you have been told and chosen to believe you are stupid yesterday, or 40 years ago it would be just as easy to change? Yes.

With various techniques that i use it is that easy. You assess the computer of the unconscious mind and change the programme from i believe im stupid to im good at what i do. Or what ever new programme you chose to run.
20 minutes programme changed!

It can be challenging for people sometimes to believe a pattern of behaviour or belief that has been causing them so much pain and grief for years can be changed that easily.

I recently had a client arrive at my house to help change his eating habits. When he arrived he saw my dog and at that point could not enter the house as he had a fear of dogs, a dog phobia.
So, i put the dog in the kitchen and closed the door. He came in, i worked my magic with him and 15 minutes later the dog came out of the kitchen and he was relaxed and calm with the dog. Dog Phobia gone for good! I recently received an email from him telling me he was fencing his garden as he was buying a dog for his kids!
Now, he'd, had this phobia for 35 years, since he was bitten by a dog when he was 7 years old.

It doesnt really matter whether its a dog phobia, or other phobias, beliefs, behaviours they are easy and fast to change.

So, to clear unwanted habits and behaviours contact me through the website:
or email:

Happy Living :-) xx

Friday, 3 July 2009

Loving more traffic to the website!

Im so excited today as my good friend Colin has agreed to share his secrets of online success!

How to Drive Traffic to YOUR Website 1 day workshop with your computer!

Loving it! Check it out now by clicking HERE

See you there!

Money from an empty box?

One of the largest houses in Richmond is owned by a man who made a fortune from empty box's!

Who would have thought so much money could be made from air!

Yes, he amassed a fortune from the Big Yellow Storage Company.

With today's financial challenges, i wonder will he be a winner of loser? Probably busier!
So i ask, which niche can you create which wasn't there until you created it, yet the demand is high?
Love Jo xx